External reviews of Governance are a core service. Our approach is:

  • To identify the strengths and weaknesses in the role of the GB and how it can improve. Reviews look for, and identify, the evidence, which helps governors demonstrate the impact they have on raising achievement.
  • Outcomes of the reviews identify clear action points to help the governing body to improve effectiveness. Further training requirements are identified.

Click on the link to download the PDF Governance Reviews

Training Course:

Incyte, in association with our partner PCG Advisory Services, are running three courses for governing bodies. These are interactive and personalised courses that enable a governing body to develop better self-evaluation skills and to better understand the strengths and areas for improvement within their school. It enables them to more effectively challenge and support the school’s leaders without over stepping the mark.
We tailor courses to specific governing body requirements. All our experienced trainers prepare for their courses through in depth conversation with the Chair of the governing body and the Headteacher. They also request access to the school’s data so that they can fully understand the school’s context.

Personalised GB training




Understanding Educational Data
  • Understanding pupil performance data
  • Monitoring performance data and targets
  • Raiseonline training
  • Ofsted Dashboard
  • FFT live dashboard
  • Pupil premium funding and sports funding initiatives
  • Monitoring achievement of different groups 
                   Effective Governance
  • Characteristics of good governance
  • The core functions of a governing body
  • Statutory responsibilities
  • Performance management and capability
  • Engaging with stakeholders
  • Governance in MULTI Academy Trusts
Being Ready for Ofsted Training
  • Ofsted inspections
  • The new Ofsted framework
  • Changes to Ofsted regarding governance
  • What Ofsted requires from a school
  • What Ofsted expects from school governors
  • What is wrong with declining schools


  • These courses are designed to last 2.5 hours and can be held during a school day, twilight sessions, Saturdays or during the holidays.
  • The cost of each course is £1,250 or if the school buys into all 3 the cost will be £3500.
  • Tailor made courses will have an additional cost as resources will need to be prepared.
  • The course will be held at your own school so cutting down travel time.
  • Prior to the course there will be a survey to be completed by each member of the governing body. This will be followed up at a suitable point after the completion of the course/s by a further survey to assess the improved effectiveness.
  • All course materials are of high quality and are a useful resource beyond the actual training.
  • In addition we provide a Governing Body audit service. This will be held over 3 days and will consist of: one day to read all related Governing body documents such as policy, minutes of meetings and the Headteacher’s reports to governors. One day to interview each member of the governing body and a further day to write a detailed report and provide an action plan. The cost for this audit is: £2500 +VAT

Click on the link to download the brochure for this course: Personalised training for governing bodies.

Follow this link for the:  New Governance Book and Competency Framework