We are a school improvement and educational support consultancy.  A sizeable element of our portfolio is governor support. We have written and delivered governor training to large educational organisations such as Trusts and Las as well as individual schools with outstanding reviews.

External reviews of Governance are a core service. Our approach is:

  • To identify the strengths and weaknesses in the role of the GB and how it can improve. Reviews look for, and identify, the evidence, which helps governors demonstrate the impact they have on raising achievement.
  • Outcomes of the reviews identify clear action points to help the governing body to improve effectiveness. Further training requirements are identified.

The reviews of the governing body usually include the following:
Interviews with:

  1. Members of the governing body, particularly the Chair, Vice and committee Chairs
  2. Key senior-member of staff within the responsible body
  3. The Principal and other school senior leaders
  4. Examination of LGB minutes including Principal’s reports over 12 to 18 months
  5. Detailed self-evaluation survey for governors on the GB effectiveness
  6. Examination of other relevant documentation e.g. terms of reference, key policies, school development plan, reports by overnors, evidence of first-hand monitoring by the GB
  7. Relevant documentary evidence such as e-mails; letters; complaints
  8. The review report will highlight strengths and areas for development as will suggest a follow up raining programme.

You may also request to include some additional activities (such as ocus group meetings for different governors, observation of a full GB meeting, etc.), value-adds or choose between full review or 'light-touch' review.

For further information please read or download the Incyte Governance Reviews 

Fees for reviews start at £1,100.00 (for 'Light-touch' review)