Caroline McKee - Director of Safeguarding

Incyte's rigorous and professional approach has led to Winton having a strong reputation with regard to all aspects of safeguarding. Their constructive and hard hitting reports deliver clear areas for development which we are able to act on to ensure we are never complacent. I would whole heartedly recommend any school to work in partnership with Incyte to provide challenge within a supportive framework.

Nathan Thomas, Headteacher

                                                 The Excellence in Safeguarding Award.

Who is it for?

  • Any organisation that is responsible for children, young people, students or vulnerable adults

How long is it current?

  • 2 years with an option for a yearly light touch visit to upgrade from Gold to Platinum or to confirm continued excellence


  • A visit to your place of work where all key workers and a representation of stake holders will meet with the auditor
    • A report is generated from the visit which highlights the best practice and identifies action points for improvement
    • The body or institution is able to use the excellence in safeguarding Logo
    • Access to newsletters and updates
    • Access to our safeguarding experts’ advice
    • Access at discounted rates to RESET’s comprehensive online training for staff in safeguarding, mental health, Prevent and anti-bullying

What makes this award stand out from other awards?

  • There is a high focus on the application and impact of policies on the ground
  • We recognise innovative and creative practice that really makes a difference to young people and those most at risk
  • We put children and young people at the heart of our award by ensuring that they are educated well especially their critical thinking skills, so they know about risks and how to manage them effectively
  • We focus on the culture that leaders create to keep young people safe
  • We do not expect institutions to collect a wide range of evidence to present to the panel prior to the audit. We work with what you already do, day in day out.

The Awards

The Platinum Award

To gain The Platinum Award, the organisation will need to gain Grade 1 of the 3 grades in each of the categories and demonstrate innovative practice that goes above and beyond that which is found normally. They will need to demonstrate that this work makes a positive difference to the people in their care.

The Gold Award

To gain The Gold Award, the body or institution must meet all the most important safeguarding criteria with only a few minor aspects that need to be addressed.

In order to gain both awards the school, body or institution will need to demonstrate

  • That all policies meet statutory expectations or guidelines
  • That they have a website that openly demonstrates their commitment to safeguarding
  • The effectiveness of staff training in all things related to safeguarding particularly in terms of lines of communication
  • The impact of the designated safeguarding lead, the decisions they make, the quality of the decisions that they and their team make and the quality of safeguarding practice
  • The effectiveness of their links with multi-agencies if they exist
  • The effectiveness of governance and their commitment to safeguarding
  • Evidence of how effectively the child/young persons’ protection files are maintained and the actions that result in the care provided
  • Evidence of the training and its effectiveness that is provided to support young people most at risk of harm or looked after children
  • How behaviour is managed and the effectiveness of a policy and how records are monitored and analysed
  • The effectiveness of an antibullying policy and how records are monitored and analysed
  • The children/young peoples’ perception of how adults protect and care for them
  • How well the body/institution protects and makes all stakeholders aware of how to stay safe online and the signs to recognise that another person maybe vulnerable to inappropriate messaging
  • The effectiveness of a personal, social, health and economic programme, especially in enabling young people to develop the critical thinking skills to help them stay safe
  • How well the equal opportunities act is promoted particularly in terms of respect for those with protected characteristics
  • That all risk assessments are carried out and how well these are checked out and adhered to
  • That the health and safety policy ensures that all stakeholders are kept safe. That the school practises procedures such as evacuation and fire drills and that the building is kept in good order
  • That a comprehensive first aid policy is implemented correctly
  • That admission registers, where appropriate, are properly maintained
  • That the site is secure
  • That all recruitment procedures meet requirements
  • That there is a strong awareness of Prevent and Channel
  • That staff and young people are supported effectively if there are mental health issues.

The visit and scrutiny of policies will test out

        the extent to which leaders, governors and managers create a positive culture and ethos where safeguarding is an important part of everyday life in the setting, backed up by training at every level

        the content application and effectiveness of safeguarding policies and safe recruitment and vetting processes

        the quality of safeguarding practice, including evidence that staff are aware of the signs that children or learners may be at risk of harm either within the setting or in the family or wider community outside the setting

        the timeliness of response to any safeguarding concerns that are raised

        the quality of work to support multi-agency plans around the child or learner.



Needs urgent action. Not meeting requirements


Mostly meets requirements but still some significant recommendations


High standard with possibly only one or two recommendations. Evidence of innovative and creative practice

Our panel of experts

Gulshan Kayembe

Gulshan is a very experienced school improvement consultant and reviewer. She has particular expertise in safeguarding and mental health.

Caroline McKee

Caroline has significant experience in inspecting and quality assuring safeguarding work and reports both in England and overseas.

Deborah Wring

Deborah has considerable experience as a school improvement and safeguarding consultant, working with primary and secondary schools across England, Wales and overseas.   

Specialist panel members

Sarah Morrison

Dr Mick Megee

Our Safeguarding Team

Peter Bailey

Tony O’Malley

Christine Millett

Barbara Atcheson

Graham Webber

Kathy Slater

Judith Rundle

Stephen Hopkins

Laurie Lewin

Richard Sutton

1. Malcolm Greenhalgh - Managing Director

Malcolm JoomlaMalcolm is responsible for Incyte International's business development strategy and growth which has helped the company to expand rapidly in recent years in ICT and face to face solutions in the UK and overseas. He is also responsible for quality assurance systems to ensure the company continues to provide high quality services to its many clients. These include LA schools and academies in all phases, education authorities and national and local associations. The company is also forging links into quality assurance and self-evaluation in the health sector and has been appointed as Auditors for the Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists. He is also Managing Director of MGA Education Ltd the accounting and IT research and development arm of Incyte and Managing Director of Incyte Kft, a Hungarian company working in the vocational sector forging closer links between school and the workplace.
He was the initiator and Chairman of Bench Marque Ltd which was formed in 1992. He was responsible for developing the company's business into one of the largest education companies in the UK before being taken over by Tribal Education in 2004. Bench Marque's client level included the DfES, QCA, the Greek Ministry and the British Council. Its operation of Ofsted inspections in the school and nursery phases made it one of the country's biggest inspection operators.


2. Caroline McKee - Director

Caroline JoomlaCaroline is responsible for school evaluations and support. She created the Incyte Review programme and builds the teams to meet the specific needs of the schools and academies that Incyte works with. She has also taken a major role in developing the company's IT self-evaluation support systems which are working very effectively in many schools in the UK and overseas. These databases are at the cutting edge of new technology and provide easy to manage data analysis processes which help to enable schools to have high quality self-evaluation systems.
She has significant experience as an Ofsted lead inspector building on her experience of teaching and leading in a wide range of schools in the private and public sectors. She delivers high quality training, consultancy and review and her recent activities include: supporting the development of academies, middle leadership training, teaching pupils in challenging circumstances in inner city secondary schools, providing advice and support on school improvement, training teachers, writing core tasks for QCA, developing assessment programs to track pupils' academic progress and approaches to learning, and inspecting under the new inspection framework. She has trained inspectors in self-evaluation skills and LAs on the inspection framework.
She is also a Director of MGA Education Ltd and Incyte Kft.


3. Rob Wilby - Technical Director

Robert Wilby JoomlaRob has significant experience as an ICT expert within education. Before joining the team at Incyte, he worked for ten years with Wessex Associates and Bench Marque Ltd. Those years were spent replacing paper based school inspection systems with offline and online databases that improved the speed and efficiency for inspectors and the teams that supported them. Much of the work for Wessex Associates involved assessing school systems directly, offering advice and technical support and in many cases replacing a schools network completely. He has been responsible for the development of the data programs that are used to generate the web-based school self-evaluation programs.

Contact via Skype: Rob Wilby

4. Gelena Wilby - Research and Development

Gelena JoomlaGelena has a Master’s Degree in Science, graduated in chemical engineering.
Worked over 10 years in private education as a tutor in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for secondary school students in the Republic of Panama.
Before moving to the United Kingdom in 2011, Gelena worked for 5 years as a Managing Director of a Real Estate Company.
She is proficient in Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian languages.
Since 2012, Gelena is part of the Incyte team working in research, web development and social media management.


5. Jan Lomas - Director for the North Eastern counties

Jan JoomlaJan carries out consultancy, school/academy reviews and CPD for Incyte and is currently school improvement partner for a new and rapidly developing multi-academy trust in Humberside.
Jan has substantial previous experience of providing high quality consultancy, developmental review, inspection and support for schools in this country and internationally. With a background in primary headship, she has been part of teams implementing major national contracts for the DfE and the GTC in the UK and for state and city departments of education in USA. Whilst a primary specialist, Jan also has a background of successful support for secondary schools in this country and overseas.
Jan has provided many years of well received support and training for schools at all stages of their development particularly in relation to improving teaching and learning and the journey to enabling outstanding learning, effective leadership and management, performance management, developmental lesson observation and developing teachers and teaching assistants as proactive, reflective practitioners.

6. Anna Holzmann - Director of Operations for Eastern Europe

Anna JoomlaAnna studied at the Budapest Business School and at the Szent István University and became an economist specialising in Marketing in 2008. She has international experience and has worked in the UK for several months before starting her career in Hungary. She has diverse experience from working at SMEs to big multinationals. She has been working for Incyte since 2007 and has grown Incyte's Eastern European business. Her main responsibilities are ensuring projects in Eastern Europe operate to a high quality, marketing, customer care, event organisation and supporting UK-based projects. She has been the main driver in developing Incyte's vocational education projects in Hungary.

Contact via Skype: Anna Holzmann